we are the mason district


The Mason District is a three piece indie rock americana band from Cleveland, Ohio. The band consists of Tom Tobias on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Maria Petti on Bass guitar and Vocals and Collin Nutter on Drums. The band was formed after all three had met at local open mic nights. After having an instant connection, they started out playing cover songs in the area but knew that they wanted to do more and write their own music. After some band member changes, the group reformed in February of 2016 with the name, The Mason District. With a catologue of songs they set out to produce their first EP “Shotgun Soul.” Since the release of their debut EP titled "Shotgun Soul," which was just released in early December 2016, The Mason District has been busy setting up for 2017.  In the upcoming months they plan on releasing a single working towards an album by the end of the year.  On top of putting together new music the band plans on booking tour dates around neighboring cities starting in June of 2017.  Look for the band in a city near you this summer. A Mason District show is a high energy experience, and many of the pseudo pop blues songs will have you singing along like you already know them.


Vocals, Guitar / Tom Tobias

Vocals, Bass / Maria Petti

Drums / Collin Nutter