“It's 6:45 am, we are all fast asleep on the bus after playing a good first show at Mohawk Place in Buffalo and this garbage man decides he's going slam a large dumpster up and down for what seems to be an eternity.  Finally, that shit ends, but wait this fucking guy comes back twenty minutes later to slam that dumpster up and down all over again.  I never had a chance to thank that garbage man personally for that shitty wake up call.  So we get it all together and head up north to Niagara Falls.  The drive is uneventful until I have to start maneuvering the bus in and out of lanes when we get closer to the falls.  Apparently, I should of went to truck driving school because I have no idea about what the hell I'm doing.  After dodging cars and people on the street we parked the bus hoping that all our gear would still be there when we got back.  Niagara Falls is amazing.  I had never been to the American side before.  We chilled at the falls for a bit and then grabbed some lunch at a local deli which, I got a salad, chips and a drink for $6.48 (is that even possible to get anywhere else besides McDonalds)?  Collin, Maria and I smashed our lunches and then hit some hiking trails alongside the river.  That river is insane, ( I was just staring at it thinking of that crazy ass movie with Kevin Bacon, The River Wild).  Niagara Falls is a great time and we can't wait to go back but now it's time for us to head out on the open road to Ithaca, NY.  This leg of the trip started out with some panic because Collin realized he forgot his symbols back in Buffalo at the venue. The drive to Ithaca was alright except we got on this road outside of Niagara that I thought if we stayed on any longer, the bus was going to split apart like the bathroom that stupid lawyer runs to in Jurassic Park.  We finally get to the finger lakes outside of Ithaca and Collin is making calls to his brother who lives in Buffalo, and agrees to meet us out at one of the parks in the finger lakes with the gear.  Collin's brother saved our asses.  Alright, Collin has his gear, Maria is sun burnt, I am driving and we are all pretty hungry.  We stop at a place called Ithaca Brewing/Beer Company.  I would recommend checking this place out if you are ever in Ithaca, its got great beer, food and atmosphere.  So, after a long day of adventures we pull into Ithaca, NY and walk over to the venue (Lot 10).  Ithaca kind of reminds me of Downtown Willoughby/ Fairport/ Athens, Ohio.  We are definitely not looking forward to hauling gear up the stairway to heaven to get to the fucking venue tomorrow but whatever fuck it, we are here and ready to party."  To be continued..........



Keep it groovy Cleveland



-The Mason District-  



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